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“DG Nest Pro” is the best  Automatic Nesting software on the market and it is available for order through direct inquiry: tangentasoftware@gmail.com


- “DG Nest Pro” can save you 10 – 15 % material in every nesting session.

- “DG Nest Pro” can nest 100 parts in less than 3 minutes and saving your time.

- “DG Nest Pro” provide multi sheet/multi size sheet/automatic nesting

- “DG Nest Pro” provide scrap sheet multi nesting/material usability increased on incredible 95-98%

- “DG Nest Pro” provide unlimited sheet/table dimensions (user can add new dimensions).

- “DG Nest Pro” provide approximate report about parts/items area and parts/items weight.

- “DG Nest Pro” provide DXF R12 export format with automatic cut order and inner contours (sub items) cutting first.

- “DG Nest Pro” is stand alone application, easy for install and without additional costs or maintenance fee.
















-”DG Nest Pro” SheetCAM module for plasma, laser, waterjet and oxy fuel cutting machines support approx. 180 post processors (G-code dialects)!

-”DG Nest Pro” SheetCAM module create real cut paths with lead-ins, lead-outs, corner loops  and provide export to G-code.

-”DG Nest Pro” SheetCAM module has everything for efficiency machine control!








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You can purchase separately this two products:



“DG Nest Pro”      $ 1,180.00 USD

“SheetCAM”           $ 170.00 USD



PayPal option is available for online purchase (see Download), more details about products available through direct inquiry (contact us form).






































Hardware Requirements for “Duct Guardian” , “DG Nest Pro” and “SheetCAM”:

  • Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM Memory: 1GB minimum
  • Screen Resolution 17″ 1024 × 768 for Optimal Performance
  • Stable Internet Connection for Maintenance and Support

OS Requirements

  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® XP


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